Love at first sight

It started in 8th grade at Hopkins Junior High School, where Arpan was strolling out of detention and took a double take as he noticed a gorgeous girl working with her English teacher in a classroom. He had no idea who she was, and a few days later he noticed his friend Pooja hanging out with her at lunch. He inquired Pooja about this girl, who happened to be Arpeeta, and wanted to take the big boy step of asking her to the Halloween dance! Arpeeta was hesitant because she didn’t know him, but Pooja convinced her to meet him during lunch and from that point on, they became soul mates and best friends. Arpan moved to Boston for boarding school three years later, which left the both of them devastated. Having a truly inseparable bond, they were able to make it work and faith eventually brought them back to the same city three years later, where they both attended Santa Clara University. Arpeeta and Arpan continued to inspire and motivate each other, working (and partying) their hardest and setting goals that would benefit them in the future. They graduated together just as they did 9 years earlier from junior high school, and they both went on to follow their dreams; Arpan becoming an engineer, and Arpeeta working in the fashion industry. Time flew by but their love grew day-by-day and never faded, and they became engaged fourteen years after that 8th grade Halloween dance.

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One of the main things Arpeeta and Arpan share is a passion for traveling and seeing the world. There is no better way for them to kick off the rest of their lives together than a romantic trip to unwind from the festivities, explore the world, and of course enjoy the uninterrupted company of one another. They will start in Bora Bora, continue to New Zealand, and end in Australia. After that, they will return back to San Francisco with a lifetime of memories from their wedding and honeymoon and live happily ever after!



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