Love Story

It started in 8th grade at Hopkins Junior High School, where Arpan was strolling out of detention and took a double take as he noticed a gorgeous girl working with her English teacher in a classroom. He had no idea who she was, and a few days later he noticed his friend Pooja hanging out with her at lunch. He inquired Pooja about this girl, who happened to be Arpeeta, and wanted to take the big boy step of asking her to the Halloween dance! Arpeeta was hesitant because she didn’t know him, but Pooja convinced her to meet him during lunch and from that point on, they became soul mates and best friends. Arpan moved to Boston for boarding school three years later, which left the both of them devastated. Having a truly inseparable bond, they were able to make it work and faith eventually brought them back to the same city three years later, where they both attended Santa Clara University. Arpeeta and Arpan continued to inspire and motivate each other, working (and partying) their hardest and setting goals that would benefit them in the future. They graduated together just as they did 9 years earlier from junior high school, and they both went on to follow their dreams; Arpan becoming an engineer, and Arpeeta working in the fashion industry. Time flew by but their love grew day-by-day and never faded, and they became engaged fourteen years after that 8th grade Halloween dance.


Arpeeta and Arpan met at Hopkins Junior High in the 8th grade. From there, they developed puppy love which would turn into a true friendship, which turned into an inseparable bond, which turned into deep love. Junior high consisted of covert missions to the mall, Taco Bell after school, and “dates” to school dances.

One day after school, both Arpeeta and Arpan asked their parents to drop them off at NewPark Mall where they were supposed to be meeting “friends.” Little did their parents know they were dropping off their kids to go on an innocent date with the person they would one day wind up marrying. They walked around, talked, bought random trinkets, and Arpan wined and dined Arpeeta at a five-star cuisine called Burger King in the food court.

After junior high school, Arpan went across the country to study at a boarding school in Boston. Although it was very difficult to maintain a long distance relationship, the bond between Arpan and Arpeeta was strong enough to overcome the miles between them. Being apart for so long, it was only fate that they got accepted to the same university, Santa Clara University. Along the way, through the partying, studying, stress of school, life planning, their relationship flourished and their bond grew even stronger – to a point where Arpan confirmed in his mind that Arpeeta is his life partner and future wife, a thought that first occurred when they were teenagers.

There is no specific moment I fell in love with Arpan. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face falling in love with him all over again like it’s my first day feeling that way!

Some people believe in ‘love at first sight’. I believe that love is a lifelong rollercoaster of experiences and memories created from laughter, pain and aspirations between two people. Saying that, Arpeeta and I fall in love every day that we are together.

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