The proposal took place in wine country on December 26, 2013 in the beautiful resort of Meadowood, Napa Valley. I had told Arpeeta that my Christmas gift that year would be a day trip to Napa for wine tasting and fine dining. At the resort, between the golf course and croquet lawn - I had prepared a violinist, a table of rose petals, two flutes of key royale, and hidden cameras. The tricky part was to get her in that area after our delicious lunch at Meadowood Grill. I managed to convince her to take a walk with me alongside the golf course before heading to the mythical wineries I had planned for my ‘Christmas present’. As we approached the proposal area, Arpeeta panicked and said that we should get out of the area because it looked like somebody was going to propose – little did she know it was for us. As she turned around to walk away from the scene, I knelt down on one-knee, let her know that it was for us and popped the question. Being the jokester I am around her, she did not believe me and told me to get up. At this point my heart was racing with anxiety and beads of sweat started to perspire on my forehead. After about thirty seconds of letting the reality of the situation settle in, Arpeeta said YES! - THE GROOM


No one has ever managed to surprise me, at least not the way Arpan did! It was November 2013 when Arpan casually asked “What would you want for Christmas this year?” I responded saying “hmmm, not really sure,” to which he responded with the idea to spend a day in Napa together, enjoying good food, great wine, and the company of each other. He never brought it up after that day again, at least not until a couple of days prior to December 26th to discuss logistics. Using the excuse that we should have a designated driver, he picked me up a limo claiming he got a great deal on Groupon. I didn’t suspect anything, because we had gotten great deals on limousines before off Groupon, and it made total sense to me as to why we shouldn’t drive, we both do like enjoying our wine! We had an amazing lunch at a the Meadowood winery in the courtyard area, talking about the usualy vacations, television episodes, and of course what wine we were going to try next. Once our lunch was finished, he mentioned that we have a bit more time left until our next winery appointment and suggested we take a walk down by the lake. As we were walking down, I immediately noticed a beautiful setup with roses all around and a violinist. I looked at Arpan and said, “Oh my god, look how cute that is, someone is going to get proposed to there!” He just looked at me, the same way he always does with a gleam of love, got on one knee, and at first I couldn’t help but think he was kidding! He had to convince me that this was actually happening and I finally believed he wasn’t joking once he took out the ring and I noticed the photographer. It was absolutely perfect and I will never forget that moment, along with the day leading up to it. - THE Bride

The surprises didn’t end there! At first, Arpeeta was led to believe that she was spending the entire day with Arpan, which she did, followed by a romantic dinner for two at FARM. Little did she know that both families got together, joined by few of their close friends, and were en route to the restaurant having a celebration of their own during their limousine ride. The dinner was full of smiles, laughs, and love. This was the perfect forum to celebrate the union of two families, who had become one. The wedding planning started instantly, no one could contain their excitement, and this process strengthened the bond and closeness between the Bhattacherjees and the Oberais every step of the way.

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